Basic obedience: First,  Dog trainer start from basic commands in dog training in jaipur.

In starting of dog training, Dog owner required some dog accessories  ( Dumbble, Ball, Sound ball, Hard rubber ball, Soft rubber ball, Disk toy, Lease set)  and treats (Choostix , calcium bones,  jerky, more than one variety of biscuits)  for training .


A:     Walk

B : Sit : This command is the most basic command of all dog obedience commands. All dogs can learn this obedience in one or two days.

C :   Down

D :   Come

E :   Go

F :   Stand

G :   Lie down

H:   Stay : This command is very usefull command, if the dog owner want to keep his dog in one position for a longer period of time.

I :  Loose lease set walk

J:    Leave it / Don’t take it

K:    Stop jumping /  Don’t do this

L :  Wait

M :  Go to your place

N :  Drop it

O :  Stop barking / Don’t Speack

P :   Quite : If we have barking dog and if the  dog  unknown barking then we have to teach this command of our dog . teaching the training command can be a blessing.

Q :    Speak

Advance obedience:

After basic commands , Dog trainer teach to dog some advance obedience

R:   Refuse

S:     No

T:     Hand sheck

U:    Pick up

V:   Fetch

W :   Settle : If the dog owner needs to his dog to stop running around like crazy, then the dog trainer required to teach this command to dog.

X :  Take it

Y:    Smell

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