Do you know your dog’s dental health

Dental problems in dogs can cause a lot of complications if they are not dealt with swiftly. However, prevention is always better than cure, and avoiding dental problems is relatively easy. Dog spa in Jagatpura provide Dog saloon facilities.

While the idea of getting your puppy to sit still while you perform a dog teeth cleaning session may not sound very practical, just think about the amount of problems your dog may face on account of poor dental health in the future. Dental conditions such as tartar accumulation, gingivitis, periodontal disease, loose or broken teeth, and bacterial infections of the gums and surrounding bone area are becoming more and more common. These dog teeth issues can deteriorate very rapidly and lead to more serious conditions. As always, prevention is much better than cure. Here are a few simple practices that go a long way in making sure that that your dog’s dental health is as good as it can be: We provide all dental medical treatment by best veterinary doctor in jaipur.

Daily brushing – A daily dog teeth cleaning session is a must. Use toothbrushes, gels, and pastes that are designed for dogs. Different breeds may have different needs so make sure you buy products relevant to your dog breed.

Tartar removing toys – There are many products like treats, chew-toys, and other miscellaneous items that help get rid of tartar.

Crunchy kibble – Nowadays, various types of dog food products  that are designed with a special texture are available in- Pet shop in pratap nagar jaipur. These textures have a cleaning action that goes a long way in helping build strong dog teeth and overall dental health. Additionally, these specially formulated types of kibble have additives that can potentially reduce tartar buildup and gingivitis.

In case you suspect your dog’s dental health is less than ideal, pay a visit to your local veterinarian. Today, modern technology and equipment allows veterinarians to diagnose and treat most dog dental issues.

 Ear cleaning:

Ear is most sensitive part of  body so

There are some important things that you need to know about dogs’ ears:

  1. They’re sensitive, so they need regular maintenance to prevent infections.
  2. Dogs don’t want their ears cleaned, so you’re going to have to work with them.
  3. If you don’t do it the right way, you can cause serious damage.

So how exactly do you go about cleaning your dog’s ears to keep him or her healthy?

Face Washing:

It is important to wash your dog’s face. Your dog investigates everything with his face and nose, so keeping it clean is essential! Washing your dog’s face is especially important if you have a flat faced breed like a Pug or a Bulldog. These type dogs have many folds in the skin, which attract dirt and oil. Regular face washing will prevent any smell.


We provide all type of dog grooming facilities- hair trimming, nail trimming, bath at our Dog spa in jaipur. You’re thinking about getting a new addition but you’re not sure how often it will need to be groomed or even if it needs to be groom. You should first talk to the breeder, a vet,  the animal shelter, or a groomer.  Now that you have an idea of whether it needs a haircut or just a bath more questions have popped up. Like how often should my dogs hair be cut? How often does it need a bath? Should I cut it’s  nails?  Then you should concern your  Pet doctor in jaipur

Bathing Tips:

  • Determine how often your dog needs a bath
    Depending on the weather and your dog’s recent activities, you may want to bathe your dog every one to three weeks.
  • Use a dog shampoo
    Dog’s skin is different from humans, so please don’t use human shampoo for your dog.
  • Start by brushing
    It will make the bathing process easier and more effective.
  • Use a bath mat
    If your pup is in the tub, this helps prevent slipping.
  • Add lukewarm water
    Be careful not to burn your dog or make it too cold, and only use about 3 to 4 inches in the tub.
  • Don’t spray directly in the nose, eyes, or ears
    A plastic cup or a spray hose can help you direct the water where you want it to go.
  • Rinse well
    One of the most common grooming mistakes is not properly removing all of the shampoo, leaving it on the skin to irritate your dog.
  • Check the ears
    Do you notice any foul odors or a lot of debris? Consult your vet
  • Use a low heat setting on the blow dryer
    A dryer can be an effective way to keep your dog from making everything in your house wet as he dries, but be careful not to burn your pup. You can also help keep it safe by not pointing it directly at your pup, but a little to the side instead.
  • Try a bath toy
    If your dog is overexcited and mouthy during bath time, it may redirect some of that attention onto something else.