About Dogs Mating

Things to Consider

Mostly dogs, mating is a natural process. Occasionally, inexperienced dogs need a little help. Timing, health and environmental considerations are all important to a successful breeding. Pet clinic in Jagatpura provide dog mating facilities also.

For health and behavioral reasons, most authorities recommend that male dogs not be bred until they are at least 18 months old.


Ethical Concerns

Dogs don’t have to mate as a biological or health need, even if you plan to not spay or neuter. If you’re want to breeding your pet, there are a some key issues you need to think about.

  • Why do you want to produce a litter? If it’s simply for monetary gain, this is not a good enough reason to go through with it. If it’s to produce a puppy, you can keep as a companion for your current pet; it would be far safer and less expensive to simply adopt another pet from a shelter.
  • Will you really be able to find a home for each potential puppy? There are so many pets sitting in shelters right now that producing another litter could simply add to the crisis.
  • Are your male and female dogs healthy enough to breed? Any breeding dog should have a health checkup from your vet doctor. Dogs that have ongoing medical/physical conditions, congenital defects or temperament problems should not be used for breeding.

Appropriate Age

Now consider the proper breeding age for your pet. Females may come into their first heat cycle at nine months old, but this doesn’t mean they are ready for breeding. Likewise, a four to nine-month-old male may be physically willing and able to produce a litter, but he is still too young to use as a stud. No dog should be used for breeding until physically and mentally mature. Breeding too young can deplete a dog’s own resources, can stunt development and in extreme cases can result in injury and/or death. All dogs used for breeding should be up to date on all vaccinations.

General maturity guidelines:

  • Small dog breeds: Between twelve and eighteen months old
  • Medium size dogs: Between fifteen and eighteen months old
  • Large dog breeds: Approximately eighteen to twenty-four months old

Preparation of the Bitch for breeding

Most importantly, you should observe your bitch for signs of readiness during her heat cycle.

Ideally, it’s a good idea to have your bitch bathed right before she is due to come in season, and have the hair trimmed around from the area directly around her vulva to present a clean and clear entry. As for nutrition, it’s important that your bitch is at the desired weight for her size. Obesity presents problems during labor, and an underweight bitch is already starting at a deficit when she must share her own resources with growing pups.

 Preparing the stud

  • The stud should also be thoroughly bathed before mating.
  • The hair around the sheath covering the penis should be trimmed away.
  • The stud’s genitals should be clean. This will help prevent any present infection from being passed to the bitch during mating.
  • He should also be normal weight.
  • Don’t feed him before the mating; there is a chance he may vomit.