Some points for dog when you are leaving your dog to a dog hostel

Some times you have to go out of town so dog hostel (kennel) is required to keep your true companion that is your pet. At this time you have to follow some important points which makes stay safe and secure of your dog should be always   keep in your mind. (Dog clinic providing  dog hostel services door to door , we collect your dog from your door then after completion of hosteling send your dog again to your home with complete health checkup). DogClinicinJagatpura provides one of the best services in dog hostel in Jaipur.

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A If you want to leave your dog by your own it is preferably better ask to the dog clinic and take a suitable time.

B Take  favorites things of your dog these  includes her toys, blanket and bed. If you’re afraid your pooch will miss you, leave a t-shirt with her. It will smell like you and she’ll be able to cuddle up with it at night to have sweet dreams.

C Some puppies and dogs are very sensitive for dog foods so it is preferably suggestive bring your own food and treats which you are giving regularly to your pet  This is especially important if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Again, bring enough for the duration of your dog’s stay. Put the food in a re-salable container and leave instructions as to how much kibble your dog gets per day. Ask to the dog hostel care taker regarding for timings  food menu.