Dog Surgery

SURGERY:   How to care for your pet after surgery

Even the smallest of surgeries are invasive, so it’s important that pets have time to heal and rest once they get home. In most cases, that means restricting how much activity they engage in.  Veterinary doctor in Jagatpura provides Dog surgery facilities.

The most commonly prescribed medications after  surgery are antibiotics to prevent infection  and pain killer medicine to relieve post up discomfort,  but not all surgeries require post-up antibiotics.

Some very hyper dogs will be sent home with sedatives or anti-anxiety medication to help keep them while they heal.


Prevent from Fits in dogs:

Pay Attention to Genetics

Feed Your Dog Right

Know Your Pet’s Health — and Health of Its Ancestors

Monitor Blood Sugar

Have the Brain Checked

Blame It on the Moon

Get Your Pet Tested

Find the Perfect Remedy

Seek Alternative Methods

Keep Calm

 What can reasons  for fits in dogs:

Eating poison

Liver disease

Low or high blood pressure

Kidney disease

Brain cancer



Head injury


Electrolyte problems

Low or high blood sugar